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It's a top-down space shooter with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Where do I start?

Take a look at the Class Hierarchy. That should give you an idea of the project structure.


This section is the brief we received for the project. Word for word.


  • The player’s ship is controlled using the left, right and up arrows.
  • Left and right arrows cause the ship to turn anticlockwise and clockwise respectively.
  • The up arrow applies thrust to the ship in the direction it is pointing.
  • The space bar fires a bullet.


  • These produce predators while actively trying to evade the player.
  • They can survive four hits from the player.
  • When the player’s ship is within range they will take evasive behaviour, otherwise they wander at random.
  • If factories meet they will flock.
  • A factory will fire interceptor guided missiles at the player once the player is within range.
  • Interceptor missiles have the same maximum speed as the player and will explode if they do not reach the player within 10 seconds.
  • A factory can only have five interceptor missiles “live” at a time.

Swarm Boids

  • These swarm in groups and tend towards the players ship
  • Once they are within range of the ship they then plot an intercept course for the ship.

Predator Ships

  • These seek out the player and intelligently engage them.
  • They have the same firepower as the player ship.
  • Predators move in flocks and can also collect “power-ups”!


  • Exactly what it says on the tin


  • To be decided by individual game designers.

Other Requirements

  • Friction operates in the game and any moving object will slow down over time if thrust is not applied to it.
  • All entities try to avoid obstacles.
  • Collision with an obstacle results in death.
  • The screen should scroll so that the player’s ship is always in the centre of the screen.
  • The game is wrap around with the total area of play 9 times that of a single screen.
  • Radar will be provided for the player.