ArnieBoids  1.0.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAsteroidAsteroid class. Asteroids are technically ships but do things a little differently. Constantly move forward at fixed speed, collisions impart some velocity change
 CBulletBullet class. A simple bullet that moves in a direction for a lifetime. Dies if it hits something
 CCameraCamera class. Camera that can follow target a ship. Zoom and Independent movement also possible. Handles drawing of HUD, only if a ship is targeted
 CCollisionSystemCollision System class. Provides collision checks for SFML ConvexShapes. Provides SAT collision for narrow-phase checks and bounding box collision for broad-phase checks
 CGameGame class. Updates and draws all ships and bullets. Culls dead bullets and ships
 CKeyInputKeyboard handler class. Holds and handles all key inputs. Should be updated with game and then queried for keys
 CPickupPickup class. A multi-purpose pickup that assists a Player or Predator. A pickup will add as much health as it can, then provide shields based on remaining value
 CPlayerControllable player class. Has no AI behaviour. Controlled through keyboard input in Game::handleEvents()
 CShipBase Ship class. Abstract class that inherits from sf::ConvexShape. Contains members common to all ships
 CStarStar class A super-lightweight sf::CircleShape wrapper, for drawing starry background
 CXControllerXbox Controller class, not currently used